Learn .NET MAUI creating projects 

Learn how to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS with the help of .NET MAUI, C# and XAML, creating PROJECTS



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About this course

I have created this .NET MAUI course to teach you how to use the framework to create your own cross-platform applications, teaching you throughout the course how to use the different components of the framework to create these applications. Throughout this course, we will create a series of applications that will allow you to put into practice everything you have learned, so that you will know how to implement the different features in real cases, while you will have several applications that you can put in your portfolio.

  • .NET MAUI components
  • Framework features
  • Use of controls to create graphical interfaces
  • Customization of controls
  • Use of local databases
  • Using REST Services
  • The MVVM pattern
  • Among other topics
Who is this course for?
  • .NET developers who want to create cross-platform applications
  •   Software developers in general who wish to create cross-platform apps with C#.

Prerequisites to take the course

  • Basic knowledge of C# is recommended

Course Curriculum

Meet the Instructor

Hello! My name is Hector Perez. I'm a Microsoft MVP, and software engineer with more than 10 years of experience. I have taught thousands of people to develop applications, or to become better professionals thanks to my courses from basic to advanced. I believe that developing applications should be fun and accessible to everyone.

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